Snow the albino hedgehog roamed,
Through fields and woods, all alone.
Her heart was pure, her love was true,
But finding a mate, that was a struggle too.

Her quills were white, like fresh fallen snow,
And her eyes were pink, aglow.
But to some, she seemed quite a sight,
Not the usual brown hedgehog in sight.

Snow searched high, and low, with care,
For a love that would be fair.
A heart that would love her for who she is,
Not judge her by her unusual appearance.

And then one day, as luck would have it,
She met a hedgehog, oh so fit!
With quills of brown, and eyes so bright,
Together, they took flight.

So here’s to Snow, our loveable sap,
Who found love, with just one snap.
A perfect match, a heart so warm,
Together, they’ll weather any storm.

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